Why Using Facebook Live For Your Business Is The Smart Move.

If you consider the “breaking news” trend that is social media these days, it’s not hard to imagine how that same methodology can apply that same method to create immediacy and buzz around even the most ordinary product or service. Given the stats that show elevated performance for video content there is no reason not to leverage this tool to your advantage.

Below are just a few ways you can turn your video into an experience and an event, while allowing your audience to connect with you in real time.


Brand Experience

This first tip works best for brick and mortar businesses who also sell online. It is often hard for online customers to really get the vibe of your store. Using live video you can convey the look and feel not only of your store but your merchandise as well.

This is a case of, video is good, live video is better. The organic and immediate nature of a live feed event makes for a much more intimate and engaging experience, thus it’s appeal.

Expand Your Events Beyond Your Doors

Live events trump recorded events every time. You may host quite a few live events at your business that are well attended.  No matter how many come to these events you are still restricted by physical limitation and customer proximity.  Using live feed video, you increase your attendance “virtually” in an almost unlimited capacity.


Here are some ways you can maximize these events:

Ask your viewers to use the “Invite” button during the event, and use it yourself to bring as many people into the feed as possible.

Watch the emojis; they will tell you if you’re audience is engaged or getting bored.

Depending on the length of the video, you can save it and share the video on your page later for even more views.

Market the event on all of your social media pages prior to the stream.

Engaged Feedback and Interaction

Using your social media channels with a live Q & A helps you keep your finger on the pulse on the mood and trends of your customers. People tend to pay more attention to interviews and Q&A sessions if they are happening live, lending an additional layer of authenticity to the proceedings because they aren’t scripted.


It should be noted that planning is crucial to this kind of event. Be prepared for things to go wrong and ready to adapt accordingly. This kind of event is not for the feint of heart and should be approached by someone with at least a working knowledge of the live interview process.

Here are a couple of other ways you can use Facebook Live to increase your reach, engagement and the overall experience of your business with your customers.

Teach online classes

Stream your product launches

Feature your company leaders or key employees

Video live and record for later use

Create live teases or sneak peeks into products or services

Give your customers exclusive content available only on live

The ways you use Facebook Live are virtually unlimited. Get creative and get busy!