This week I thought it would be a good idea to touch on a question I get often from clients. Why use Constant Contact to send out an e-blast to my email database? Can’t I just use Gmail or Yahoo? The Answer is ‘no’! There are several reasons why using a personal email account isn’t the answer for sending out a monthly newsletter to your database.

In this blog post I will give you five reasons to use an email service provider such as Constant Contact to manage your email database.

Personal Email Accounts such as Yahoo or Gmail are NOT APPROVED BULK MAILERS:

Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo are not approved bulk mailing services. These types of email accounts limit the number of emails you can send out at one time. Bulk emails sent out through these methods are often marked as spam and never make it to the user’s inbox. You may think you save $20-$30 per month by not using a email solution provider such as Constant Contact, but you lose much more because most of your emails are not making it to your subscribers’ inboxes.


Most personal email services are not designed to send bulk mailings. Typically you are limited to sending only 100 emails at a time. If you have a list of 1,000+ emails it could take you more than an hour to send out your e-blast.


Personal email services do not offer list management tools. What are list management tools, you ask? Constant Contact manages all of your email opt-outs, opt-ins, and duplicates. If you are using your personal email account to send your monthly newsletter you might be sending it to the same person several times. It is time consuming to manually manage your list, ensure that all ask-offs have been removed and not re-added, and ensure there are no duplicates. I personally hate to receive three emails from my favorite local business.


It is important to stay compliant with U.S. CAN SPAM laws. These laws are always evolving, and Constant Contact stays up on these latest changes. CAN SPAM laws require that you offer a valid opt-out to all of your email subscribers and honor that request within ten days. Additionally, every commercial email sent must include a physical email address. Without a solution provider, how do you manage your ask-offs? What if you accidentally add the customer’s email back to your list? Constant Contact handles this for you so you can get on with your business.

BRANDING and Rich Content

Most email solution providers will provide you with customizable templates that allow you to build out a template that mirrors your website. I always recommend that my clients build a template that looks similar to their websites so that when their clients open their emails they recognize it. Your newsletters and e-blasts should have a similar feel to your website.

Also, you can include rich content such as videos and pictures. If you are a retail store sending emails through your personal Yahoo account, for example, you might be missing a valuable opportunity to show your clients what’s new in the store. Sharing powerful videos and images can help build loyalty to your business.

These are just a few reasons why you should use an email marketing service to manage and support your marketing plan. To learn more about this topic, check out a white paper written by Constant Contact: “The Top 10 Reason You Need an Email Marketing Service”  I personally use and recommend Constant Contact, as I feel their service is very easy to use, and their staff is a dream to work with.

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