This past week, I pulled stats for clients and noticed the numbers for Facebook had plummeted sharply. With all the news about Facebook changes, it wasn’t too big of a surprise, but because of the decline, I thought it would be a good time to remind you to work on your email list and explain why email marketing isn’t dead!

First, when you take the time to build your email list, you own it! It’s yours; it does not depend on trends, social media, or on what’s popular this week. Without an email list, you are hurting your ability to connect with your customers.

Second, and most simply, emails sell stuff! I promise you, the trick is having a good quality list of people who want to receive your message. I have a great example of a local business in Venice that began sending their email blast out weekly. Within one week they generated 10K in sales, just by spending a little time putting together their weekly email! WOO-HOO! that was music to my ears!!

Third, email helps keep your brand top of mind with your customers! I know you hate that only 20% of your people open your emails, but really, so what? They still see your name in their email box weekly, and that’s where you want to be when they or a friend is ready to make a purchasing decision.

I generally recommend Constant Contact; it’s cheap and effortless to use.  If you are a restaurant or a retail store, Zenreach is a great option as well. This product offers wifi in exchange for an email address which will allow you to build your email list quickly.