What’s 2020 Going to be about?

Ok, we are back in it for sure! You can feel the energy in the air again. I love this time of the year; people are full of hope; business owners are talking about the goals they are setting for the year and what campaigns they’d like to run. This has me thinking a lot about New Year’s resolutions and what I want to get from 2020 myself.

Do you set goals for yourself for the year? When you reflect on the past year, do you find that you have made any changes, or is it more of the same old same old?

Making changes and progress is so hard. At least for myself, I frequently fall into this all or nothing mentality. Why do we do this? Isn’t every day (or even every minute) a chance to start again? What is this ‘everything has to go perfectly’ mentality? The truth is, change does not happen all at once. It happens one little action at a time; one day, one step at a time or one minute at a time.

I always like to use running as an example. When you think of running 62 miles, your first thought may be that it’s impossible; no one could do that. However, fact is, it can be done one step at a time as long as you don’t quit. It takes tons of planning as well; what shoes you wear, clothing, fuel, the right training plan. It starts with a measurable goal and a time frame, which is easy because it’s race day!

It would be a mistake to believe that when running these races, we don’t get tired, have self-doubt, talk crazy to ourselves, have an upset tummy, and aching feet. The difference between success and failure is a few critical points, in my opinion, and this applies to running your business as well. First, have a goal. Again, the goal has to be measurable and has to have a hard deadline. Make a plan, execute that plan, and being willing to pivot, a lot… Things never go as planned.

Want things to be different personally or professionally? Then stop doing the same old same old. Make a decision, lay out a simple plan, execute that plan, and again don’t forget to pivot when the first plan doesn’t work. Also, please keep it simple, the best plans are simple.

One thing I did differently in 2019 was to put pen to paper. I wrote out my goals and reviewed my goals weekly and sometimes daily.  By reviewing my goals and my ‘why’ every day, it made it simple to determine what my next course of action should be weekly to hit those goals.   I’m happy to report it one of the first years I can remember hitting those goals and my life looking significantly different at the end of 2019. I was pleased with the results, to say the least!

Goal setting is such a simple thing, but it’s certainly a game-changer. I hope you’ll set yourself some goals for 2020 that feel maybe just a little out of reach and then work like heck to hit them!  

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