Social Media Tip // Latest Instagram Updates

Staying up to date on updates to Instagram as a platform is as important as knowing what kind of content is trending. Here is a quick summary of IG’s latest updates:
1. Instagram now allows you to pin posts. You can now choose 3 posts to pin to the top of your profile.

2. The Instagram algorithm is prioritizing original content. IG is now trying to differentiate itself and other social media platforms, which is meant to discourage users from reusing TikTok videos.

3. Instagram is moving towards being a new video-based social media platform. The algorithm update is more in favor of video content (especially Reels), so the platform has added a few features to make creating videos easier, including:
– Instagram templates give creators new content ideas and cuts down the time it takes to create content.
– Reels can now be up to 90 seconds. Great for tutorials, vlogs, and more.
– Engagement stickers for Reels. The same stickers that have been available on Stories can now be used in Reels!

4. Instagram shows DM response time. This update is to encourage users to be more actively engaged with followers.

Which of these updates do you think you will benefit the most from?
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