Say No, to Say Yes

Over the last few months, I have been working with a productivity group called Lifehack Tribe. I mentioned this group in my previous post on removing my email from my phone.  
One of the interesting tasks we participate in each week is to sit down to pre-plan the week. Many may think this is a simple task, but when I started to block out the time for my projects, events, and personal items, I had a mini-meltdown.  I realized I did not have enough time to devote to everything I had committed myself to. This helped me to finally understand what I have heard coaches say over and over again; if I say yes to something, I have to say no to something else.  
This simple exercise has been eye-opening for me and brings into practice the idea of priorities. What I am learning is that with no clear priority in mind, I tend to say “yes” to everything with a fear of missing out of that next big opportunity. Yes, I have #FOMO in business. 
I often worry when I say no it may negatively affect my business, however, what I see now is over-committing to everything shows a lack of realistic goal setting and clear direction. Especially almost nine years into a business. 
This year, I have one major priority for L.A. Social Karma; to be 100% debt free and working on 100% cash. 
Running a small business with no line of credit or credit cards is very difficult. Even a small one like mine. Even though we only have two contractors and one employee, payroll can sometimes be challenging to make if one client pays even one day late. Running a business on cash alone, forced me to look at each request and consider if the project, workshop, etc. align with my current goal of getting out of debt. 
If the answer is yes, then we move forward. If the answer is no, I have to decline.  I’ll share in a later post about the process of getting a business running on cash, as well as the second layer of getting the business out of debt. It has been an eye-opening journey with 9 -10 months left to go. 
Lastly, by not saying yes to everything and mapping out the project on my calendar,  I have been able to more fully enjoy what I am doing. Sometimes when you work for yourself, you get lost in just getting the tasks done instead of enjoying the creative process.  This simple pre-planning exercise has opened my eyes to how important having a priority is, and when you do that everything else falls in line.