Make 2022 a Success, Start Planning today!

Welcome to October, the start of Q4 and all things pumpkin. Once pumpkin season kicks off, the last three months of the year fly by with all the busy excitement of the holidays. The start of each new quarter is a great reminder to start looking ahead and, with Q4 here, that means 2022! So let’s get planning:


1. Schedule a meeting with your team…no distractions, lots of coffee.

2. Review previous Q1 year’s campaign and discuss your goals for Q1 AND the year.

3. Use a simple spreadsheet-like THIS (download your copy by clicking here, select  file make a copy) to set up your 2022 themes, holidays, and special events. List out all of the different platforms that the business currently uses to promote its products and services and make a column for each. For example, a restaurant might have Facebook & Instagram newsfeed, Facebook & Instagram Stories, Email Marketing, Blog, Point of Sale Flyers, In-store Promotions (tables tents, etc). This will enable you to make notes on what content you’ll need for what date. 

4. Begin planning the holidays and any significant events for Q1. First, determine if these events are essential to your business and, if they are, develop campaigns around those holidays. For example, if you run a restaurant, Valentine’s Day is an important event that drives revenue. You can take this event and build a campaign around that event. Here is a quick example of a campaign plan:

    • Event: Valentine Day 
    • Time Frame on Promotion: 30 days (January 14-February 14)
    • Promotion items need: 
      • Menu (preset, limited, a la carte, specials)
      • Images for special dishes and cocktails 
      • Check presenters and table tent promotion cards 
      • Emails (designed and scheduled) 
      • Social media content (reminder: promotion begins in January!)
      • Social media ads 
      • Staff meeting to debrief for table side promotion 
      • Inhouse flyers for the menu board 
      • Contact press or local website that allows for promotions 
      • Update website and reservation platforms with specials, pricing, and reservation availabilit

The calendar spreadsheet is a great tool to input the drop dates (due dates) of all the above promotions. Tip: the promotional material and advertisement should begin simultaneously for a significant impact with your customers! With all the dates input on the spreadsheet, you can quickly work backward on the time needed to create the above assets. Create action items for the marketing team, management, and staff as well as a shot list needed. By doing so, this allows for accountability for the various campaigns on your marketing calendar. 

Hope this helps get you kick-started into thinking about your 2022 marketing plans. Most of the time, as small business owners, we don’t take the time to plan and yet it is so imperative. The holidays and significant events come up quickly so instead of scrambling and constantly reacting, this year be proactive, make a plan, and stick to it. No surprises. Taking the time now will allow you to be in control by creating campaigns you are proud of…all of which drives revenue and profit to your bottom line! 

As always, LASK is here to make your job easier. No time to do your own campaign planning? Let us do all the work for you as your digital marketing ambassadors…call or email today!

( click above, select file, select make a copy)