A few months ago, I worked with a client that shared a nightmare story about her Facebook Ads account being hacked. She explained that thousands of dollars were charged to her credit card AND the scammer removed her access from her own ad account which meant she couldn’t shut the account down! I thought this must have been a one-time thing until I received an email from llana Wechsler owner of Green Arrow Digital, mentioning the same type of scam going around.


How does it work: the hacker finds a way to access your FB Business Manager and adds themselves to your FB Business Manager and Ads account as admin(s). Next, they remove your access. Finally, they create ad campaigns and rack up thousands of dollars a day promoting their own products/business. 


Here are a few tips on protecting your business:

  1. Remove anyone that no longer needs access from your Business Manager and all assets.
  2. Enable 2-factor authentication for yourself and anyone with access to your Business Manager.
  3. If you are not using your ad accounts, remove your payment method from the account.
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