Meet Debbi Singer


In honor of 10 years in business, monthly I am sharing a story of the key people who have helped me along the way! This month, meet Debbi Singer, co-owner of C&O Trattoria and C&O Cucina as well as a local Venice artist.

I’ll never forget the day I met her, I was still relatively new at the whole self-employed thing! One year in and I had just started networking to find new business…which I dislike because I struggle with small talk. I made myself go to a Constant Contact workshop at the Microsoft Store, I was late, feeling uneasy, and the last thing I wanted to do was go to a networking event.

As I plopped down into an open seat next to this nice-looking lady, we exchanged smiles. At a midway point during the workshop, the instructor had us introduce ourselves to our neighbors. I turned to the nice lady and said hi. She said “Hi, I’m Debbi Singer, I own C&O Trattoria.” I was like WOW! “I love that place with the Killer Garlic Rolls, right?” I proceeded to tell her how I went on a first date when I first moved to LA and ate so many of those little garlic rolls I could barely move. What I know now is she hears this sort of thing all the time. C&O has touched so many people’s lives from first dates to graduation, marriage proposals, you name it…those killer garlic rolls have been a part of making so many memories! C&O is local family owned and you couldn’t meet a nicer, kinder family.

Once I finished gushing over the killer garlic rolls and the restaurant, she asked what do you do? I giggled and said I help restaurants with social media and, as fate would have it, she was looking for someone to help her restaurants with social media! Little did I know that little chance meeting would be a life-changer for me. I got the C&O accounts and, more importantly, made a friend in Debbi. But, she is more than a friend, she is a mentor, a person that guides me in business and my personal life, and is such a cheerleader for my success. She is always willing to share her successes and, more importantly, her failures along with what she has learned from them. I’m often inspired by how outrageously generous she is with her time and money.

I’m so grateful for all she has done for me to help make LASK a sustainable business so I can do something I love every day!