Lifehack Bootcamp! Meet Demir & Carey Bentley


As we continue with stories of people that have impacted LASK over the last ten years, this month, we highlight Demir & Carey and their Lifehack Bootcamp course.

Seven years ago, I signed up and completed Demir and Carey’s Lifehack Bootcamp course. This course transformed my business in EIGHT weeks. What I learned in that class is still vital in our everyday workflow…like the Pomodoro technique, inbox zero (yes, I clean my inbox every day), Asana, training guides, videos (if you work with me, you know I love my videos), morning routines, guiding my business into debt freedom, and pushing me to work for long term and short term goals. All of this, of course, helped LASK grow, take on more clients, and become profitable. Within 90 days of working with them, we doubled our revenue! Our days were no longer spent just putting out fires, now we could focus on the work we are hired to do!

I can’t say enough about this program. If you are starting a business or having issues with productivity, check these two out, their courses will change your life. Thank you so much, Demir and Carey, for all you do, and I’m so grateful for all you’ve done to help my business grow!