Meet Jeff Brown Restaurant Business Services, Inc

In honor of 10 years, I am highlighting influential people who have made a difference for LASK because they’ve taken the time to share their experience and wisdom! This month, I introduce Jeff Brown, owner, and CEO of Restaurant Business Services, Inc. 

I met Jeff over 9 years ago, he is the long-term bookkeeper and business consultant of C&O Restaurants.  Jeff has been a mentor, always freely giving his time to answer my questions, and has guided and coached me on everything from growing the company to managing my cash flow.  I credit him with helping me get my business financially healthy! He has also referred many clients to us over the years.

My favorite story about Jeff is from when I started working on the Dave Ramsey plan for my personal life and business.  A little background, the Dave Ramsey plan is a no debt, no credit cards, everything cash program. It’s easy enough for your personal life, but for a business, it takes thoughtful planning to execute successfully. 

When I first started running a business on cash, it felt impossible. So of course I called Jeff Brown for help. 

Me – “Jeff, I need your help, I can’t seem to get the money to work. I am always behind and barely making my payroll.”

Jeff – “Ok, come by on Monday.” 

Me – “Monday’s is Labor Day.”

Jeff –  “Do you want help or not?”

Me –  “Ok, ok, I’ll be there!”  🤣


I’ll never forget how he spent several hours with me asking questions. He put this cash flow spreadsheet on his office TV screen which felt a little over the top…it gave me instant anxiety. The goal of the spreadsheet was to help track cash flow and show you when your business has collected enough money to pay necessary bills, he explained. Then he turned to me and said “Kid…you’re BROKE! Go to work.” He encouraged me to offer social media training during off-hours such as nights and weekends to drum up extra business and get out of the hole I dug.  I laugh now about this conversation because when he said it, I didn’t want to put the work in but I did it anyway.  

I worked the cash flow sheet daily (and still do). After about 8 months of extra hours plus the standard LASK work, we turned a corner and it all started to work.  During this process, Jeff taught me to ask for the money owed to me. Seems so obvious, but 10 years ago  when I started my business, I had trouble asking for the money that clients agreed to pay me. He also taught me about operating within my business means by working the cash flow sheets daily. 

Thank you, Jeff, for always giving your time and guiding me over the years, I am so grateful for our friendship!