The holidays are fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your marketing for the rest of the year. For restaurants, now is the time to start promoting gift cards sales and holiday parties. For retail, clearly, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are BIG. You can apply the tactics I explain below for restaurants to any business.

  1. Map out key dates: List out all the important dates on a calendar, I personally like to use a paper one for this exercise
  2. Review past promotions: Look at what promotions you did last year, did they work, do you like the collateral you used, do they need to be updated?
  3. Check out the competition: Subscribe to your competitor’s newsletter, see what the big guys are doing, no reason to reinvent the wheel.
  4. Prioritize your promotions: List out all the promotions you’d like to do this holiday season, see what is feasible.
  5. Craft your social media calendar: Mark your calendar will all promotions and their end dates, these end dates are very important to create urgency around your promotions.
  6. Figure out what & where to post: Determine what collateral you’ll need and where you’d like to promote. You need to reach customers in all locations—we are so distracted we are receiving up to 250 marketing messages a day—so frequency will help drive your point home. Plus some customers may never see your email but follow you on social media or only see your email and never see your social and others may only stop into your location so it’s important to hit all fronts. This also includes reaching out to location partners, like chambers, anyone you can cross promote with on social media. It’s a great way to increase your reach.

Good luck this holiday season, if you need help planning your holiday campaigns please reach out, we can be hired hourly to help with projects