Instagram, No longer just a square photo-sharing app

by Ariel Sanchez 

Instagram, which first started as a photo-sharing app, has evolved into so much more. Adam Mosseri, the head of instagram, recently posted an IGTV on the future changes we can expect to see that are centered around the following:


1. Creators: With social media being a new means of making a living, creators have become front and center on the app. From creating “real-life” ads to attention-grabbing reels, creators have had a large impact on how the platform is used.


2. Videos: With other video platforms like YouTube and TikTok on the rise, Instagram has increased its video presence in numerous ways. In addition to being able to post short videos that are less than 60 seconds, longer videos can be posted via IGTV which can be a great option to show behind the scenes, tutorials or discussions. Everyday snipits, product videos and more can be shared for 24 hours via Instagram Stories and then saved as highlights for your audience to look back on at a later time. With more users wanting to be entertained by the app, Instagram introduced Reels in August of 2020. From trending audio clips, challenges, dances and more; Reels allows its users to connect with their audience in yet another way!


3. Shopping: Needless to say there was a major spike in online shopping during the pandemic, as many businesses were closed for in-person shopping. Thus, Instagram introduced a shopping function where you can shop products directly from a business’ photo or stories, thus eliminating having to navigate to the companies website to complete a purchase. Likewise, the use of ads that seamlessly fit into one’s feed is a great way for companies to get their products in front of their target audience.


4. Messaging: This function allowed for increased contact and engagement with your audience. Whether they have a question on a product, service or simply wanting to show some love on stories, customers now have a quick and easy way of getting in touch with businesses!

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