Good Photos Bring Good Business — It’s Karma!



Good Photos Bring Good Business — It’s Karma!

 Over the years, I’ve learned you get what you give. This mantra is the foundation of my business, and it’s how I approach visual elements in my social media strategy.

 Crafting a strong digital identity for my clients means showing their community what they are all about. Low-effort approaches like only writing text-based posts or including the occasional stock photo won’t do the trick. Again, you get what you give. Giving my all to social media marketing campaigns means providing quality photos and videos to market businesses’ unique story. I love taking photos for clients, (especially when it involves delicious cupcakes)!

 We recently began managing the Facebook and Instagram of a private social club based here in Los Angeles. We visit the club, take photos and videos, and then post content on a regular schedule. The director of communications at the club recently left a 5-star review on Clutch about our services. (We’re listed on the reviews platform among the best in LA for social media marketing).

 The director highlighted increased engagement as a result of our custom-crafted content. We’re so glad the posts have received positive attention from industry peers. 

 “Several of our counterparts have called me and asked who handles our social media — they find it eye-catching and pleasing to look [at].” — Director of Communications, Private Social Club

 A big benefit of creating our own photo and video content is being able to adjust the visuals to their feedback on-the-spot.

 “We can have an open dialogue about what works and what changes we want to make. We’re always talking about ways to expand our social media presence.”

 These positive results are in-line with the latest research. Studies show that quality visuals are king when it comes to social media marketing. It’s great to see the results of our services agree with the latest trends.

 Since we’ve started this approach, we’ve benefited as a company. Our content generates engagement for our customers, and they leave positive feedback on platforms like Clutch. Again, you get what you give!

 Many of the awards we’ve won result from our content-focused strategy. For instance, the graphics-focused site Visual Objects lists us as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles. View our featured portfolio below:

 Our approach has also been demonstrated on The Manifest, where we’re listed in the top 30 in LA for web design. Now, that’s what we like to call good vibes!

 All this feedback is an indication that we’re doing something right when it comes to photos and video. We’d love to bring this good karma your way, too. Let’s start a conversation about how we can craft custom content that will catch your audience’s eye.