Facebook Business Suite

The Facebook Business Suite allows you to manage activity from Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger all in one place. We took a deep dive into the product, outlined the useful features below, and created a few training videos to walk you through how to use them.

Our initial thought on the product is that it is fantastic! It’s leaps and bounds from where it started in 2020. Third-party tools like Sprout Social are still more beneficial for agencies, but the Facebook Business Suite is certainly an excellent tool for small business owners to manage and plan their upcoming social media. 


Below are some of the key features of the Facebook Business Suite:

  • Scheduling and posting Newsfeed posts and Stories for both Instagram and Facebook 
  • A centralized inbox with all comments, private messages, and likes in one place 
  • Ad Creation 
  • Reporting
  • See all Tags and Mention in one place 
  • Quick Access to Ads Manager, Commerce Manage, Business Settings (aka Business Manager)

To access the Facebook Business Suite, visit // https://business.facebook.com. When you first login, you’ll see a black bar on the left-hand side of the screen. We will call this the main menu. From the main menu, you can access all of the various features in the Business Suite, here are a few of the most useful:

Demo of Main Menu
  • Inbox: pulls all Facebook, Instagram, Instagram DMs, and Messengers into one location! All comments and messages can be replied to and LIKED in the Business Suite Inbox.  Messages can also be marked with a star and assigned to a specific team member to handle. Once the communication has been handled, the message can be checked off as complete. Also available in the inbox is a chat plug, this feature allows your website visitors the capability to chat with your business via Messenger by clicking on the messenger logo shown on your website. Click here to view a Video Training of the Facebook Business Suite’s Inbox 
  • Mentions & Tags: You’ll find the mention and tags located under Post & Stories section. Here you can review all posts that your business pages have been mentioned or tagged in for Instagram and Facebook. For mentions & tags on Facebook, you’ll be able to respond directly to the post inside the Business Suite. However, for Instagram tags and mentions, you will need to click on the “…” and click to view on Instagram. Once on Instagram, you’ll be able to respond and engage with the content. Another cool feature is the ability to copy the link for the Facebook & Instagram post you were mentioned in; this makes it easy to share the tags with your team members. Click here to view a video demo of the Mentions & Tags 
  • Planner: The Planner is designed to help you plan out your social media content daily,  weekly, or monthly. The Planner can be viewed as a month or a week and can be filtered by type of content (Story, Post, Ads) and platforms (Facebook & Instagram). Also, Facebook has added a Moments feature; the Moments list key holidays that might be an excellent theme for upcoming social media content; you can also add your moments by clicking on the + icon in the Moments section of the Planner.  Feed posts and stories can also be scheduled, posted, or drafted from the Planner. To do this, click on the drop-down arrow next to the blue create button. You can also click anywhere on the calendar view, and a schedule box with a drop-down arrow will appear from there you can select feed post or story. If you click directly on the calendar, a box to prepare a feed post will appear.   Click here to view a video demo of the planner
  • Insights: insights are Facebook’s tracking and reporting. Here you’ll find results for your monthly social media efforts. Click here to view a video Demo of the Insights. 
    • Overview: This tab is a quick summary of what is happening on your Facebook page. In the upper right-hand corner, select a date range for the data you’d like to review. Think of the overview as your reporting dashboard; it’s a quick view of what’s happening with the pages for a selected period. The overview tab shows the paid reach and organic reach for both Facebook & Instagram. Content results and the audience demographic for both Facebook & Instagram.   
    • Results: This report breaks down the reach, page and profile visits, new likes and followers, and ad trends. These reports can be set for a specific period and downloaded in PDF, CSV, or PNG.
    • Content: This report shows the top-performing content on Facebook & Instagram feed posts and stories. 
    • Audience: This shows Facebook Page likes, Instagram followers, age, gender, and tops cities for.


  • All Tools: All tools will give you options to access billing, the file manager, Page settings, Ads Manager, Audience Set, Event Manager, Instant Forms, and more.Click here for a video demo of all tools


  • Settings: You’ll find some of the critical features you access in the Facebook Business Manager such as your Business Account ID, your Facebook assets, adding and removing admins from your business pages (now called people). Also, from here, you can access your Facebook Business Manager by clicking on More Business Settings. Click here to a video demo of Settings

Hope this informational blog helps! We also created a complete video to walk you through the entire Facebook Business Suite and its features. Click here to view! Facebook Business Suite is a great tool that can help you streamline your social media.