As promised, here is an update on my email removal from my iPhone experiment! It has been about 90 days or so without my email on my phone, and honestly, it is the best thing I have ever done! I still logged on to my email a lot on my desktop (that will be phase two), but the truth is I feel like I have gotten a lot of my personal time back and mind space back because I am not always following up on work emails. It also allows me to plan my day instead of my email taking me in 20 different directions.

I do love all the feedback I have gotten from people about “removing” the email from my phone. Funny enough, only 2 people thought it was a crazy idea and I quote “ you’ll lose so much business.”

One client jokingly called and asked how he is suppose to contact me now; “through carrier pigeon?” Which was so funny because said client never emails and only calls. As a side note, I haven’t lost any business. If anything, I would say my work product has increased because I am taking some time away and enjoying my work again.

I also had several clients and friends that were jealous, stating “ I wish I could do that.” The truth is, as small business owners you definitely can; we just have to choose to draw the line and realize most emergencies do not come through email, they come through phone calls. In all honesty, most perceived emergencies are not emergencies at all.

Regarding the “emergencies”  the truth is, I handle your social media; we are not performing brain surgery. Don’t get me wrong, I like to feel important but let’s be honest people, our emergencies usually involve a misspelling in a post or an incorrect picture and in those case we typically would get a call from the client and the image is removed quickly.  No one is dying over here!

Another objection for deleting email from the phone is efficiency. This one actually makes me laugh a little. Efficiency? Really? For several days just take a note of how many times you check your email and how long. You basically added time to each task you’re doing. For example, if you check your email in the car or between meetings, etc. just add up the amount of time daily and then multiply that x 5 and you’ll get the total number of minutes you’ll save in a week. Mine came up to 8 hours; that’s an entire work day!  I believe I multiplied mine by 7 because I was checking my email everyday, including Saturday and Sundays. The second issue is people are usually very distracted because of their email; taking meetings and calls with you but not fulling engaged because they are checking their email every two minutes. Keep in mind that every time you are distracted or interrupted, it takes about 15 minutes to get back on task. I noticed this adds hours to some of my meetings.

Lastly, email on the phone never gives you a break. You are chained to your office.

Even God rested on the sabbath! – just remember that!