Email Marketing

Email marketing is a wonderful way to stay in front of your customers with your products and services. Unlike social media, when you build an email database, that database is yours no matter what. In contrast, when you build your Facebook following or your Instagram following, that following belongs to Facebook and Instagram; if Facebook isn’t popular anymore or Instagram goes away, you lose your ability to market to your followers. Do you remember My Space? Friendster? Perfect examples of how social media databases are not static and why it’s more important than ever to collect email addresses and communicate with your customers monthly or weekly letting them know what’s going on, events, new products a tip if you’re a service company.

Are you having trouble coming up with ideas to send an email about? Haven’t started building your email database? Don’t have time to create the newsletter month?

That’s where L.A. Social Karma comes in! We can strategize ideas for building your email list and come up with a content calendar one quarter at a time to market your business and help drive revenue.

Don’t wait! Every day you aren’t marketing to your customer via email is a day you are leaving money on the table. If you’re not educating your customers with tips and tricks, or letting them know what types of products and services you have that your competitor doesn’t, it is more likely that you’ll lose those customers to that same competition.

As the cherry on top, email marketing is a great way to stay top of mind with customers and have a great ROI; for every $1 spent, an email on average yields $40!

Email Marketing starts at $1050.00 per month

  • Email Marketing Strategy that’s customized for your business
  • Email Template Creations
  • Upload and inputting of email address
  • Monthly emails  
  • Reporting

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