How does one handle bad reviews? Through my experience, I believe it’s best practice that one should respond “publicly” to all online reviews. (Unless the reviewer is obviously making unreasonable claims).


Here are some good reasons why. When you respond publicly to online reviews you are doing two things: One, you are letting the reviewer know you are listening, and that you take Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews seriously. Secondly, by responding to online reviews you tell the next prospective customer that although things may not be perfect, you are happy to help, and make efforts to correct any situation.


Most importantly, when you receive a bad review DO NOT respond immediately to the review. Employ the following strategy: “Stop, Drop, and Roll”.


Stop. Don’t do anything while your upset, ask for help from a 3rd party on how to proceed. Drop. Sleep on it, give yourself some time to think it through thoughtfully. Lastly, roll, move forward with what your team has decided.


We are happy to help you manage your Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google + reviews. I always suggest to clients to speak to the reviewer as if they were still in your business and not online.


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