What are you doing to WOW your customers?

Over the last few months, I have been thinking a lot about what makes an individual prefer one company over another. In my experience, it is not always who’s the most talented, fastest, smartest or cheapest. A lot of time it’s about service. Is it easy to do business with that company? Does this company deliver on what they promise or communicate when there may be a problem?  Are they enjoyable to work with? Do they elevate my brand? Does their core value align with my core values?
For me, it’s the attention to little things that really WOW me about a brand. For example, a few months back I took advantage of Warby Parker’s eyeglass lens replacement policy. The policy states that when you purchase a pair of glasses from them and somehow the lenses are scratched within a year, they will replace the lens free of charge.  My order incidentally was lost in shipping, but I called their corporate office trying to track down the glasses, and it couldn’t have been a better experience.
There were a number of things that made the experience stand out as so unique. First, when I connected with a  customer service rep, she already had my account pulled up.  WOW #1
Next, I told her my name and briefly why I was calling.
She apologized and mentioned she thought something might have happened in shipping and they would send out a BRAND NEW PAIR via express shipping. WOW, #2. I think I might have even said WOW on the phone. I was almost speechless at how easy it was to do business with Warby Parker.
Creating these WOW experience for your guest will create RAVING reviews and loyal fans of your brand! These people will do the advertising for you; sharing your content on social media, telling all their friends about your product and being a loyal customer. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to treat guest and clients well and it pays for itself ten times over.
So I ask what are you doing to WOW your customers?

Yelp’s Profile Categories


A few weeks back I worked on a project for a client to update several online portals such as yelp, trip advisor, grub hub and eat24. One of the items we double check was what “categories” our business had been listed under. This list was a pretty tough one to find so I thought I share Yelp’s list of categories that are available on the blog! Hope this helps you determine if your business page is listed under the correct categories!

  1. Nightlife (nightlife)
  2. Adult Entertainment (adultentertainment)
  3. Strip Clubs (stripclubs)
  4. Striptease Dancers (stripteasedancers)
  5. Bar Crawl (barcrawl)
  6. Bars (bars)
  7. Airport Lounges (airportlounges)
  8. Beer Bar (beerbar)
  9. Champagne Bars (champagne_bars)
  10. Cigar Bars (cigarbars)
  11. Cocktail Bars (cocktailbars)
  12. Dive Bars (divebars)
  13. Drive-Thru Bars (drivethrubars)
  14. Gay Bars (gaybars)
  15. Hookah Bars (hookah_bars)
  16. Irish Pub (irish_pubs)
  17. Lounges (lounges)
  18. Pubs (pubs)
  19. Speakeasies (speakeasies)
  20. Sports Bars (sportsbars)
  21. Tiki Bars (tikibars)
  22. Vermouth Bars (vermouthbars)
  23. Whiskey Bars (whiskeybars)
  24. Wine Bars (wine_bars)
  25. Beer Gardens (beergardens)
  26. Club Crawl (clubcrawl)
  27. Restaurants (restaurants)
  28. Afghan (afghani)
  29. African (african)
  30. Senegalese (senegalese)
  31. South African (southafrican)
  32. American (New) (newamerican)
  33. American (Traditional) (tradamerican)
  34. Arabian (arabian)
  35. Argentine (argentine)
  36. Armenian (armenian)
  37. Asian Fusion (asianfusion)
  38. Australian (australian)
  39. Austrian (austrian)
  40. Bangladeshi (bangladeshi)
  41. Barbeque (bbq)
  42. Basque (basque)
  43. Belgian (belgian)
  44. Brasseries (brasseries)
  45. Brazilian (brazilian)
  46. Breakfast & Brunch (breakfast_brunch)
  47. British (british)
  48. Buffets (buffets)
  49. Bulgarian (bulgarian)
  50. Burgers (burgers)
  51. Burmese (burmese)
  52. Cafes (cafes)
  53. Themed Cafes (themedcafes)
  54. Cafeteria (cafeteria)
  55. Cajun/Creole (cajun)
  56. Cambodian (cambodian)
  57. Caribbean (caribbean)
  58. Dominican (dominican)
  59. Haitian (haitian)
  60. Puerto Rican (puertorican)
  61. Trinidadian (trinidadian)
  62. Catalan (catalan)
  63. Cheesesteaks (cheesesteaks)
  64. Chicken Shop (chickenshop)
  65. Chicken Wings (chicken_wings)
  66. Chinese (chinese)
  67. Cantonese (cantonese)
  68. Dim Sum (dimsum)
  69. Hainan (hainan)
  70. Shanghainese (shanghainese)
  71. Szechuan (szechuan)
  72. Comfort Food (comfortfood)
  73. Creperies (creperies)
  74. Cuban (cuban)
  75. Czech (czech)
  76. Delis (delis)
  77. Diners (diners)
  78. Dinner Theater (dinnertheater)
  79. Ethiopian (ethiopian)
  80. Fast Food (hotdogs)
  81. Filipino (filipino)
  82. Fish & Chips (fishnchips)
  83. Fondue (fondue)
  84. Food Court (food_court)
  85. Food Stands (foodstands)
  86. French (french)
  87. Mauritius (mauritius)
  88. Reunion (reunion)
  89. Game Meat (gamemeat)
  90. Gastropubs (gastropubs)
  91. Georgian (georgian)
  92. German (german)
  93. Gluten-Free (gluten_free)
  94. Greek (greek)
  95. Guamanian (guamanian)
  96. Halal (halal)
  97. Hawaiian (hawaiian)
  98. Himalayan/Nepalese (himalayan)
  99. Honduran (honduran)
  100. Hong Kong Style Cafe (hkcafe)
  101. Hot Dogs (hotdog)
  102. Hot Pot (hotpot)
  103. Hungarian (hungarian)
  104. Iberian (iberian)
  105. Indian (indpak)
  106. Indonesian (indonesian)
  107. Irish (irish)
  108. Italian (italian)
  109. Calabrian (calabrian)
  110. Sardinian (sardinian)
  111. Sicilian (sicilian)
  112. Tuscan (tuscan)
  113. Japanese (japanese)
  114. Conveyor Belt Sushi (conveyorsushi)
  115. Izakaya (izakaya)
  116. Japanese Curry (japacurry)
  117. Ramen (ramen)
  118. Teppanyaki (teppanyaki)
  119. Kebab (kebab)
  120. Korean (korean)
  121. Kosher (kosher)
  122. Laotian (laotian)
  123. Latin American (latin)
  124. Colombian (colombian)
  125. Salvadoran (salvadoran)
  126. Venezuelan (venezuelan)
  127. Live/Raw Food (raw_food)
  128. Malaysian (malaysian)
  129. Mediterranean (mediterranean)
  130. Falafel (falafel)
  131. Mexican (mexican)
  132. Tacos (tacos)
  133. Middle Eastern (mideastern)
  134. Egyptian (egyptian)
  135. Lebanese (lebanese)
  136. Modern European (modern_european)
  137. Mongolian (mongolian)
  138. Moroccan (moroccan)
  139. New Mexican Cuisine (newmexican)
  140. Nicaraguan (nicaraguan)
  141. Noodles (noodles)
  142. Pakistani (pakistani)
  143. Pan Asian (panasian)
  144. Persian/Iranian (persian)
  145. Peruvian (peruvian)
  146. Pizza (pizza)
  147. Polish (polish)
  148. Polynesian (polynesian)
  149. Pop-Up Restaurants (popuprestaurants)
  150. Portuguese (portuguese)
  151. Poutineries (poutineries)
  152. Russian (russian)
  153. Salad (salad)
  154. Sandwiches (sandwiches)
  155. Scandinavian (scandinavian)
  156. Scottish (scottish)
  157. Seafood (seafood)
  158. Singaporean (singaporean)
  159. Slovakian (slovakian)
  160. Soul Food (soulfood)
  161. Soup (soup)
  162. Southern (southern)
  163. Spanish (spanish)
  164. Sri Lankan (srilankan)
  165. Steakhouses (steak)
  166. Supper Clubs (supperclubs)
  167. Sushi Bars (sushi)
  168. Syrian (syrian)
  169. Taiwanese (taiwanese)
  170. Tapas Bars (tapas)
  171. Tapas/Small Plates (tapasmallplates)
  172. Tex-Mex (tex-mex)
  173. Thai (thai)
  174. Turkish (turkish)
  175. Ukrainian (ukrainian)
  176. Uzbek (uzbek)
  177. Vegan (vegan)
  178. Vegetarian (vegetarian)
  179. Vietnamese (vietnamese)
  180. Waffles (waffles)
  181. Wraps (wraps)

Reputation Management Companies and Yelp

yelpI have had several clients over the last few months inform me that they have been contacted by companies that claim to work directly with yelp. The companies claim that they can get your bad reviews removed and/or get your filtered reviews moved from the filter to your listing. It has been my experience that these types of companies don’t follow through on their claims to help you with reviews on yelp, and IF they do, you run this risk of having a “Consumer Alert” banner placed on your Yelp business listing. It is simply not worth it. Just work slowly on your own yelp reviews. You will never make everyone happy, but if you provide good service and good food, it’s likely that your yelp reviews will improve over time. 

Here is a link to the consumer Alert blog post http://officialblog.yelp.com/2014/05/attempts-to-mislead-consumers-not-on-our-watch.html?tl_ber=i4m1jBRWGQ3Nu0qXOQ2L-g&tl_sec=M&bert=i4m1jBRWGQ3Nu0qXOQ2L-g%3AM

And here is what yelp wrote in this weeks newsletter about it.
“We’ve recently seen several new reports about “reputation management” companies that claim to work with Yelp to remove your negative reviews, recommend certain reviews, or otherwise boost your ratings for a fee (of course!). If you’re wondering how these companies can make good on this offer, the answer is simple: they can’t. Consumer trust is our top concern, so businessescan’t pay Yelp or any third party to alter or remove their reviews. It’s also worth noting that brazen attempts to manipulate ratings and reviews on Yelp could result in a Consumer Alert being placed on your business profile.
If you’ve been contacted by someone offering something along these lines, we’d love to get the details so we can prevent them from preying on others. Please use this form to loop us in. For general questions, contact our user support team atwww.yelp.com/contact.
Finally, as we’ve said in the past, the best strategy for reputation management is to provide great customer service and respond diplomatically to your reviewers.”