Click to Messenger Ads

Have you seen Facebook’s click-to-Messenger Ads yet?
I ran across one for The Boy & The Bear – Coffee Roastery in Culver City, last week AND I claimed my free coffee right away as well as I noticed several other people with the same offer in store. I would love to know how many people came in and just got the free coffee, how many already knew about the coffee shop and did people make additional purchases with the free coffee.
The truth is half the battle is just getting a new customer through the door, I go to the same places all the time out of habit, maybe a click-to-Messenger ad will help change habits and introduce your business to new people as well as create a little conversation about the business.
Maybe a great idea to get new customers in your door for the holidays, below are a few things I like about the ad format.
✔️These types of ads allow your Facebook Business Page to Engage Directly with Your Facebook Community Via Messenger. When a user takes advantage of your offer, they have initiated a conversation with your business. Once the conversation is started, the business page can now engage on an individual basis with the users via messenger. Why is this important you ask? Typically, only a ⅓ of your Facebook fans see your content daily; this gives you another way to communicate with your community. I would caution against overusing messenger; this format will be similar to email when communicating.
✔️Gathers emails for your business database. I also love that this ad format has the users enter their email address, one of the most significant problems in my mind with the different social platform is that we don’t own our database. You spend time and money building up your network, and the truth is it is all dependent on Facebook staying popular the minute the platform goes away or becomes unpopular you will instantly lose your audience. However, building your email list is a beautiful strategy to stay connected no matter which platform is popular.
✔️Retargeting: You may retarget your customers with sponsored messages. These ads target users that have already engaged via messenger with your business. Retargeting can be a powerful way to move your prospects down the sales funnel with additional offers or educational material.

Best Practice on IGTV

I am currently working a slide presentation for an upcoming workshop about IGTV (Instagram TV), so I had a chance to dive a little deeper into what it’s all about, and wanted to give a little more feedback now that I’ve gotten my feet wet with it.
First, I have spent some time watching some of the channels. Overall, my opinion is that they are pretty dull, but I commend users for just jumping in with IGTV and learning how the platform works. Practice makes perfect!
One thing to remember is IGTV is more like YouTube; you are creating videos for the IGTV platform, not repurposing stories or Instagram Live. Step back and think about what you watch on TV. Who the heck likes watching commercials other than on Superbowl Sunday? With that in mind, don’t upload only promo videos. It is ok once in a while but I would guess you will receive fewer views and a higher drop off rate with promo only videos.  Determine what your goals are for the videos and get started.
A few things to consider when creating marketing videos; check your lighting and audio. If the sound and the subject matter isn’t clear, users will move on to another video.
Also, this is solely my personal opinion, but make sure you get to the point quickly. Don’t spend several minutes on an intro. I recently watched a video for a recipe for a strawberry shake. The content creator had her child in the video, which could have been cute, but instead, it was a pointless dialogue during which the kid drank the milk, and she asked the viewers to wait while she went back for more milk. Why not just reshoot the video? She lost me there.
When uploading the videos to IGTV, include a descriptive title. Remember, the thumbnail cuts off the title (you have about 25 characters), so keep the title short and to the point. Add a good description and CTA ( call to action), a link to your site or product, and HASHTAGS!  The search featured currently isn’t great, but I am sure this will get better with time.
Lastly, watch other IGTV users. This will help you learn what you like and don’t like. Consider IGTV similar to YouTube or your blog and provide value to your followers.

What the Heck is IGTV?

7 Powerful Tips to Grow On IGTV What the Heck is IGTV?

Have you had a chance to check out Instagram’s latest feature, IGTV (aka Instagram TV)? You might we wondering what the heck it is, or asking yourself “why do I want to watch TV on my mobile phone?”

Here’s a 101 break down on IGTV:

IGTV, also known as Instagram TV, is a new application for watching long form, vertical video from Instagram creators. It’s very similar to YouTube. These videos can be as short as 15 seconds, as long as 10 minutes, or even up to 1 hour in length for some larger verified accounts.

IGTV has a similar feel to the Facebook messenger, in that it lives within Instagram but has a separate application that can be downloaded and used independently. Currently, you do not need to set up the standalone application to view content or upload content. That said, if you’d like to upload content, you will need to create a channel within Instagram. This step it’s straightforward, and Instagram walks you through the setup, which takes about 2 minutes. If you opt to download the standalone application, you will sign in with your current Instagram account credentials. Only one IGTV account per Instagram Login. Your current followers on Instagram automatically become your followers on IGTV.

Few Techy Notes:
As mentioned above, IGTV is designed for vertical video, ranging from 15- seconds to 10 minutes, or up to 1 hour if you have a larger verified account. The video format is .mp4 and should follow the aspect ratio 9:16.

Searching on IGTV:

From what I currently see, the search feature isn’t great. As of this writing, you cannot explore by topics. Hopefully searching by topic or hashtags will be included in upcoming releases.
IGTV’s content is organized in the following way:
1. For You: This seems to suggest videos curated based on your current Instagram usage.
2. Following: Videos created by those you currently follow on Instagram.
3. Popular: What’s trending on IGTV
4. Continue Watching: This works similar to an on-demand feature; saving the video for you to finish watching once you return to the application.

Now go be social! Take the challenge of creating your channel and uploading one video by the end of the week.

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