The Holidays Are Approaching; Be Ready!

The end of the year is fast approaching, and for many small businesses this is the biggest quarter of the year so don’t wait to plan your holiday promotions. Below are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Review a calendar for upcoming important dates, make a quick list for reference. Halloween // Voting // Veteran Day // Thanksgiving // Black Friday // Christmas // NYE
  2. Review past promotions: Look at what promotions you did last year to support the holidays. Did they work? Do you like the collateral you used? Do they need to be updated?
  3. Freshen up past promotions or come up with new ones. No need to be fancy, keep it simple.
  4. Prioritize your promotions
  5. Determine how you will get the word out about your promotions:
    1. Send out Email Blast // How often and When
    2. Promote In Store // List out how you plan to do this 
    3. Social Media Post // How often and on what platforms
    4. Social Media Ads // Consider Budget // Ad Copy // Duration 
  6. Work on the creative: Design and create the flyer, emails, and social media posts.
  7. Mark your calendar with all promotions and when they’ll go out via social media and email marketing.

I know this seems like a lot but the planning stage should only take a few hours to do. Once this is done, designing the promotions and executing these simple steps will keep you on track and focused on your holiday campaigns.  

Are you tracking your social?

Social TrackingAre you tracking your social? If you’re not, you should start now! It’s very simple to do. Create a spreadsheet containing tabs for each social platform that you are currently working. For Facebook I would suggest including number of page likes, total reach, # of post comments and likes, and best post of the week. This will show you week over week how many people you are reaching with social, and you will also be able to see trends. By having stats to track, you can make educated decisions on your content strategy, rather than guessing if your current plan is working to your benefit. I also suggest doing this for Instagram and Twitter, as well as your weekly yelp report. It’s amazing what you will see.. ‪#‎socialmedia‬ ‪#‎restaurantmarking‬‪#‎hotelmarketing‬

Did you know that there is a fun new feature for google plus?

Did you know that there is a fun new feature for google plus?

WhyEmail-MarketingDid you know that there is a fun new feature for google plus? You can now send emails to your google plus connections, as well as to connections outside of your circles. When emailing connections outside of your circle, your messages will appear in social category of their gmail inbox, and you’ll only be allowed to email them once until they respond or add you to a circle. If you’re already connected, you’ll be able to email them from your gmail account by simply typing their name in the recipient box when composing an email.

To explore this feature:

Log into the gmail account that is attached to your google plus account.

Select “compose a message”, and type the name of the person you are connected to through google plus..

To protect your privacy, your email address isn’t visible to your google plus connections until you send them an email. Additionally, their email address is not visible to you until they respond.

Don’t want to be contacted via email by your connections on google plus? No problem! You’re in control of whether or not people can reach yout. In the gmail settings tab, click “general”, and you’ll see the option “email via google+”; from there you can select any one google+ connection, Extended circles, a specific circle, or none.