LA Social Karma Ranks Among Top Companies on Clutch!

Clutch recently released the leaders of top Branding & Design agencies, and we couldn’t be happier to be included, as an official California Branding Leader!

Not only are we a branding leader for the whole state, but we also set ourselves apart be being highlighted as a top Los Angeles agency for advertising! It is so nice to see all the hard work and effort we put in this year end with all these accolades.

Clutch’s affiliate site, Visual Objects, also took notice of the work we have done this year. Not through our reviews, but mainly our portfolio items, and we clinched one of the few spots on their platform as well. From just one year of working with Clutch, we are ecstatic with the visibility we have gained and our overall rating of an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars. We also couldn’t be prouder of the amazing things our clients had to say about us, and we are so grateful!

One said, “In terms of event attendance, we’ve seen increased interest and response. We would sell out a 40-seat event in a matter of days and have no problem selling 50-100 tickets. We attribute this to their comprehensive email list, which boasts over 10,000 customers.”

Another stated, “They’re very strategic and do a great job guiding and educating us in terms of best practices.”

We are very excited to be included in Clutch’s press release and we are excited to continue our work with them in the upcoming months and New Year! Be sure to check out our full profile on Clutch here!

L.A. Social Karma Crowned Top Social Media Marketing Firm

L.A. Social Karma Crowned Top Social Media Marketing Firm

by: Alaina Stevenson

Think about it: how often do you or someone you know check their phone…or use the internet? Online marketing is a necessity nowadays. After liking, tweeting, posting, and maybe even poking, there’s only so much one can do on social media, but there are definitely major benefits to social media marketing. Now, once you’ve decided to follow an online marketing route, how are you supposed to differentiate between the major social media marketing firms?
One way is through ratings and reviews, and that is where Clutch comes in. Clutch is a B2B ratings and review firms, and through client testimony, case studies, and objective quantitative information, Clutch declares leaders for a variety of business service providers. We are ecstatic to be included in Clutch’s report released today highlighting industry leaders, and we are a top marketing agency.

It is exciting to be featured as a leader in one industry on Clutch, while still maintaining our top spot in another as well, LA social media. We specialize in many services and fields, all the while producing quality work, and Clutch’s research simply highlights that fact.
Our acceptance of this award goes hand-in-hand with our deep appreciation of our clients, who helped L.A. Social Karma achieve its ranking and produce some of the highest quality work in across our industry. The owner of a local restaurant was impressed with the flexibility and dynamic culture that permeate L.A. Social Karma. “We appreciate their personal approach to marketing. We believe that marketing can’t just be digital; customers need to see that there are people behind the posts and emails. They want to see our faces. In terms of work, other firms might promise services, but we’d never get to see them, let alone know who they are. The L.A Social Karma team proactively attends events and engages with us and our customers. That makes all the difference.”
Jennifer Taylor, Economic Development Administrator, was impressed with L.A. Karma’s ability to handle a tough job. “We’re not the easiest of their clients because our campaign has thousands of participating businesses and eight founding partners (the city of Santa Monica is one of them). Since we have a lot of partner hashtags and social media handles, it’s important to incorporate all the partners correctly. That’s not a criticism, but rather the challenge that our business presents.”
Named for the city in which it resides, L.A. Social Karma was founded in 2010 and continues to energize its industry with new ideas and an innovative approach. A boutique firm that offers end-to-end service, L.A. Social Karma is relatively unique. We have the capabilities to cover all the bases but focus on what’s

LA SOCIAL KARMA is a top LA SOCIAL COMPANY (of course, it’s in our name)!

La Social Karma has an exciting announcement to make! We have recently unveiled a new partnership that allows our clients to leave us reviews and star ratings.

Clutch is the premiere ratings and reviews company for businesses, and we are so excited that we now are featured on their site.

Our profile highlights all the top aspects of our company, from our clients, our case studies, reviews, and contact information. They have consolidated anything and everything you could need as a potential social media marketing customer and have delivered it in one helpful space.

When talking to our customers, Clutch takes a unique approach, and we are thrilled with the results thus far. Our clients are quoted as saying, “In addition to providing strategic recommendations, they created an effective social media marketing plan.” Social Media is what we do, and we do it well.



Because our clients are so happy with our work, that has pushed us to top of the Los Angeles Social Media directory! We could not be happier with the positive “karma” our business is attracting. We are looking forward to the more collaboration in the future, including more pleased clients and successful media engagements, as well as more rave ratings and reviews. For more information on our business, profile, and reviews, visit