Book Report: “Stress Less, Accomplish More  Meditation for Extraordinary Performance.”


Just finished up “Stress Less, Accomplish More  Meditation for Extraordinary Performance.”

I got this book from a dear friend after we had a good conversation about the benefits of meditation.

Although I’ve meditated for years, it’s never really been a daily practice; last May, I decided to give myself the challenge to meditate daily for six months straight, every day no matter what, even if only for 5 minutes.

I wish I could say I was one of those serene, peaceful people that you often think of in meditation. The truth is my mind is bustling in meditation, sorting out all the problems of the world, worrying about friends, working out business problems, life in general. I mean really, who the heck can sit in quiet for 15-minutes.

What I loved about this book is it takes all the woo woo out of meditation, don’t get me wrong I love the woo woo, but the author got down to the nuts and bolts of meditation in a way that makes meditation accessible for everyone.

I haven’t adopted her technique per se, I have used the Headspace app for many years now, and I love it; however, it hammered home how important it is to sit in silence every day and to learn that a busy mind is part of the process. The book has also convinced me that meditation twice a day is a must, I’ll have to work that in at some point.

What I learn from my meditation challenge, meditation certainly reduces stress, gives me perspective, helps me to think deeply, and gives me margin and also helps manage anxiety. I have noticed being more mindful in my actions, be more aware of not being present.

If your thinking about starting to meditate, I’d suggest picking this book up. It’s certainly worth a read!


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