I am currently working a slide presentation for an upcoming workshop about IGTV (Instagram TV), so I had a chance to dive a little deeper into what it’s all about, and wanted to give a little more feedback now that I’ve gotten my feet wet with it.
First, I have spent some time watching some of the channels. Overall, my opinion is that they are pretty dull, but I commend users for just jumping in with IGTV and learning how the platform works. Practice makes perfect!
One thing to remember is IGTV is more like YouTube; you are creating videos for the IGTV platform, not repurposing stories or Instagram Live. Step back and think about what you watch on TV. Who the heck likes watching commercials other than on Superbowl Sunday? With that in mind, don’t upload only promo videos. It is ok once in a while but I would guess you will receive fewer views and a higher drop off rate with promo only videos.  Determine what your goals are for the videos and get started.
A few things to consider when creating marketing videos; check your lighting and audio. If the sound and the subject matter isn’t clear, users will move on to another video.
Also, this is solely my personal opinion, but make sure you get to the point quickly. Don’t spend several minutes on an intro. I recently watched a video for a recipe for a strawberry shake. The content creator had her child in the video, which could have been cute, but instead, it was a pointless dialogue during which the kid drank the milk, and she asked the viewers to wait while she went back for more milk. Why not just reshoot the video? She lost me there.
When uploading the videos to IGTV, include a descriptive title. Remember, the thumbnail cuts off the title (you have about 25 characters), so keep the title short and to the point. Add a good description and CTA ( call to action), a link to your site or product, and HASHTAGS!  The search featured currently isn’t great, but I am sure this will get better with time.
Lastly, watch other IGTV users. This will help you learn what you like and don’t like. Consider IGTV similar to YouTube or your blog and provide value to your followers.