imagesAre you using SnapChat for your business yet? Just doing a little research on the new platform, it has a few interesting uses for small businesses. Here is a quick breakdown on what SnapChat is, as well as a few ideas on how to implement it for your business. Always remember, as small business owners we only have so much time. We simply can’t be on every social media platform, so be sure to determine if SnapChat is appropriate for your business.

What is SnapChat?

Snap Chat is a mobile application that allows you to send self destructible photos and videos to your followers. Once the recipient opens the content, the videos and pictures are only viewable for a set time limit chosen by the sender (between 1-12 seconds); after that time period, it is automatically deleted. For individuals seeking a longer period, Snapchat also offers a feature called “My Story,” that allows content to be available for up to 24hrs. The average age of the users is between 13-25.

How can I use it?
Snap Chat can be useful in delivering call to actions.

For example:
you can reward customers that follow you with mobile coupons.
offer a secret menu that is only available tonight.
let your snap chat followers be the first to view your new menu items.
Flash Sales ( let your customers know of a sale, snap them a coupon or keyword they have to use in order to claim the sale)
Behind the Scenes videos and images.
Contest ideas such as Speedy Snap Responses – Send your customers a snap, and the first person to respond with a snap back to you will win a prize.

I don’t think SnapChat is for everyone, the user base is young so it depends on your merchandise, services, and clientele. The major benefit I do see, is that the content is delivered directly to your customers phone. This can build top of mind awareness as well as affinity for your business.

If you have questions on if SnapChat is right for your business give me a call to discuss 323-382-4169