Meet L.A. Social Karma

Hi, I am Jen! Founder and President of LA Social Karma and coined as a social media guru by some. A bit of history about our company and how it came to be…

It was 2010 and I was extremely unhappy with my job. I was so tired of chasing impossible sales quotas and hearing sales lines like “by hook or by crook” all while trying to sell a product that I didn’t believe in. I felt miserable every day and at night I would ask the universe for something new. I often laugh at this when I look back now, be careful what you ask for as you might just get it! After being so unsettled and hoping for a new chapter, the universe answered and I was let go from my job. At first, I was devastated and admittedly a bit terrified! But, things have a funny way of working out to bring us what we truly need and just a few days after being fired an old client called to catch up. They needed a hand with their business’s Facebook and Yelp pages plus some email marketing blasts designed and sent and asked if I could assist. My response was “I don’t know anything about Facebook!” His reply was, “Well you’re young, you’ll learn…” and with that small push, L.A. Social Karma was created. LASK has grown from a small project consisting of only me and my laptop to a team of 5 with over 20 clients.

 Located in SoCal with a strong base in Los Angeles and the Westside, we work with notable clients such as Upper West, Jonathan Club, Venice Chamber of Commerce, and all the Truxton’s locations just to mention a few.

 The name “Karma”  came from my belief that you get what you give in this life. It represents the desire I had to run my business on my terms, not based on some inflated sales number but based on how we can help business owners tell their stories through social media. I feel that you truly get what you give in your community.

 L.A. Social Karma is a digital marketing one-stop shop! We provide services such as social media content and copywriting, brand ambassadorship on all social media platforms, Facebook/Instagram Ad management, reputation management on all review platforms, and email marketing services.  We create custom content that makes sense for your business, and helps you get your word to your community and beyond!


Call or email me for a consultation, I look forward to hearing from you!



The Team 

Jennifer Wilson

Founder, 2010 // Social Media Strategist

U.S. Army Veteran, Social Media Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Long Distance Runner.  I have worked directly with small businesses on their social media for over 10-years!  I love helping small businesses have a voice in their community. When I’m not working, you’ll find me in Venice Beach or on our local SoCal Trails!

Megan Heritage

Partner // Director of Project Management

Team member since: 2018

A native Californian, Megan’s long and extensive work history is focused on hospitality and, specifically, the restaurant business. The majority of her professional career (26 years!) was spent as General Manager/Partner of the upscale, Northern Italian eatery Locanda del Lago and it’s sister location, panini and gelato coffeehouse Caffe Bella on Santa Monica’s bustling Third Street Promenade. Megan studied Electrical Engineering at CSULB where she graduated with honors, but the vibrant, social, intense world of hospitality grabbed her and never let go. Now as Project Manager of LASK, Megan’s capacity to organize and communicate is a valuable asset when it comes to being your digital marketing ambassador and creating prominent brand awareness for your business! She currently resides in SoCal with her Aussie hubby, 3 gorgeous kids, her Shih-tzu Lola, and a heart so full it may burst.


Ashley Evans

Senior Social Media Producer  

Team member since: 2012

Born and raised in Colorado, Ashley relocated to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue a more creative career path, and found her place at L.A. Social Karma not long after! With a diverse background in a variety of mediums such as videography, photography, writing, digital marketing and graphic design, Ashley is the “Jane of all trades” that will go the extra mile to ensure our clients are ahead of the curve with their online presence. Over the past 11 years at L.A. Social Karma, Ashley has worked with clients in a wide range of industries and is always ready to tackle new markets, techniques, and technologies. In her free time, Ashley loves working on her Horror-themed Podcast, baking, and spending time with her dog, Bailey, and cat, Roxas.

Ariel Sanchez

Social Media Producer, Asst. Project Manager

Team member since: 2020

Born and raised in Southern California, Ariel graduated at the top of her major from Cal State Northridge with a degree in Education and has over 10 years of experience in the field of education both as an educator and administrative assistant. Shortly after deciding to stay home with her baby, she took on a new role as a marketing assistant and fell in love! In this position she learned the ins and outs of creating and editing content for web pages and digital apps, as well as designing and creating promo items to raise brand awareness and customer retention. Ariel currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her high school sweetheart and two curly-haired babes. She enjoys day long surf trips to Orange County with her family, eating delicious food (preferably in the form of cheeseburgers) and crocheting. 

Sophie Solakian

Community Manager

Team member since: 2022

Sophie was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She recently accepted an internship with LA Social Karma as Junior Community Manager. Growing up in her family business, she has accumulated sufficient experience in the business world. In Spring 2021, she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Cal State Northridge. She is currently earning her Master’s Degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. In recent years, Sophie has launched and grown social media accounts for her family business. She has worked with influencers within the industry to promote products in order to reach a larger audience. Sophie also manages her food blog known as @LAFoodQueens on Instagram. She uses this platform to connect with fellow foodies and gets invited by restaurant owners to promote food from eateries around Los Angeles. Sophie currently lives in Malibu, California. In her free time, she loves cooking, traveling, going to the beach and spending time with friends and family.

Ruth Feldhan


Team Member since 2022

Originally inspired to pursue photography and art direction by National Geographic magazines, Ruth has been practicing professional photography for 15 years now. Born in Sacramento, Oregon grown, and currently Marina Del Rey Resident for about a year now, Ruth is working as a full-time freelance photographer on the Westside/Los Angeles County. She enjoys taking pictures, networking, longboarding, hiking, and exploring different areas of Southern California in her free time.

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