5 Tips to Improve Your FB Ad Landing Page 

Working with clients on Facebook Ads, we often see landing pages set up incorrectly. Without a well-designed landing page, your money on digital ads is wasted. Below, we will walk you through what a landing page is and 5 tips to ensure your landing page is FB Ad ready!


What is a landing page? 

A landing page is a web page used with digital ads to convert users from seeing the ad to clicking the ad and “landing” on a page where they complete your ad objective (i.e. sign up for email list, download coupon, request catering quote, etc.). The ad’s landing page may contain a special offer, whitepaper, or a product. You might be wondering how this differs from your website, the main difference is that your website is set up for visitors to explore and learn about your company while the landing page has a single call to action. 


Now, let’s review your landing page! Here are 5 criterias we look for to confirm a client has a successful landing page for their Facebook Ad. 

  • CTA (Call to Action) above the scroll. We see this mistake often, clients spend money to send traffic to their landing page, and once the visitor gets to the landing page, they have to dig for the offer or scroll down to find the info. Doing this creates friction for your visitor and often they will just exit out (people want easy and quick!). Remember, you have 8 seconds to convert, do not make it hard to sign up or buy something.
  • The landing page should mirror the FB Ad. If you advertise cute running shorts in your ad, don’t send the user to your running tights. The users clicked because they were interested in the product you showed in the ad. Doing this also creates trust, when the users are sent to a completely different product, it often gives a feeling of a bait and switch. Also worth noting is that this practice hurts your quality score with Facebook, and your ad cost will rise PLUS you will miss out on conversions. Be consistent!
  • Design a simple and clean landing page with NO pop-ups. There is nothing worse than clicking on an ad and then before seeing the product, a pop-up comes and hides the content. It’s like asking the users to get married before you’ve had your first cup of coffee together. Instead, let your landing page do the work. Design a clean mobile-friendly landing page. The landing page should have one goal, and all of the elements on the page should align with this goal. Keep it simple and only include the needed information…channel your inner minimalist. Also, the writing should be simple and scannable, write for an 8th-grade reading level. Bullet points are also great!
  • Keep your form short and to the point. When asking for users’ information, only ask what you need for your marketing. Most users are ok with giving email and first name, but when forms ask for addresses and phone numbers, the drop-off rate can increase by 50%. 
  • Test your digital ad and landing page. Testing is the most important criteria! Test different landing pages, copies, and forms with your digital ads. Testing will determine what connects with your audience and give you key insight as to what they will (and will not) engage with to get you to your end goal. 


By taking the time to follow these 5 tips when setting up your next landing page, you will see better customer engagement with your digital ads! Don’t waste your hard-earned dollars or valuable time on ads that won’t deliver the objective you are setting out to accomplish. Better yet, let the experts handle all the details. LASK is happy to create your digital ad(s) with all requirements such as landing pages, forms, etc… needed to get you to your end goal. Please let us know if you’d like to strategize your next digital ad with us.