Facebook With all of the recent facebook changes, I am sure you have noticed that your facebook business’ page reach is way down. In the past, individual posts would reach more than a 1000 people a day; now you may only reach 100-200 people per day if you are lucky.


Here are  3 tips to increasing your organic reach on Facebook. 

1. Get your staff involved: Ask your staff to take an active part in your social media. Ask them to share, comment, like and tag themselves on a few of your business facebook posts per week. This will really increase your reach, because now your content will be exposed to a wider audience via your staff’s personal facebook page.

2. Use your personal page: Tag and Share all of your business page content to your personal page. You’ll have a much better chance of your current customers or potential clients seeing your content, as facebook currently doesn’t hide personal page updates.

3. Post more: in the past when your business facebook page reached more people it was fine to post every few days but with all the changes, we have seen a better reach if we can post 2-3 times per day. Do this with caution! Content still rules, so if you don’t have quality content to post, DO NOT post 2-3 times per day. Your page will become too spammy, and not seem relevant. However, if you can come up with interesting content that will serve your community, post away!

If you have questions on how to post, comment, share, or get your staff involved, please give me a call. I am happy to schedule a meeting with you to discuss!