Don’t forget to be Social on Social Media.

I often discuss with people how funny I find it that business owners are under the impression that as soon as they post something on their Social Media channels, it will magically drive millions of people to their business instantaneously. Let me ask you; is this how it works in the real world? Unless you are Beyonce, this most likely isn’t going to happen for your small business.

It’s necessary to mention, social media is an essential piece of the puzzle when marketing your business, but so is having a great website, sending emails, being apart of your community, networking, and most importantly, having a fantastic product and killer service!  There is no secret to success in social media, other than being social and remembering to treat your customers online the same way you would if they were standing in front of you.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Engage with your customers.

The way you build relationships online is the same way you create them offline. By talking to PEOPLE! If you attend an event and hang out on the sidelines and never speak to anyone, you would not be surprised that you didn’t meet anyone. It works the same way with social media. If you don’t respond to customers or guests, and never engage in or follow new people, it’s likely that you will not build relationships. By not responding to customers comments, photos or messages online is the same as that customer standing in your physical location, and you ignore them. You would never do that (or at least I hope you wouldn’t!)


Social Media Keeps you Top of Mind

Posting quality content on your social media pages keeps your brand top of mind. If you’re a coffee shop, you want your business to be the first place that potential guests think of when they are ready to meet their friends for coffee. Social Media can help you stay front and center. By posting fun content daily, that tells a story about your brand, this builds affinity and brand loyalty.  

Don’t Just Promote!

In the real world, you don’t like to meet or network with people who are pushing their promotions and trying to make a sale, do you? Why would you do this on social media, don’t do it! Keep the 80% 20% rule in mind. 80% Fun and 20% sales.  Just remember, BE SOCIAL, it’s social media.

Online Word of Mouth:

Encourage guest to share pictures while visiting, this is the new word of mouth. For example, If a guest has 1200 followers and they share an image of your product, your product will now be in front 1200 of their friends and don’t forget they have personally endorsed your brand as well.  When you compare this to standard “word of mouth” this equates to me telling one friend about your coffee shop over lunch, but when I share it on Instagram, I have now told 1200 of my closest friends in one shot. Engage your customers to become an army of salespeople for your brand on social media. Consider campaign ideas that might encourage your customers to share more, like contests for free products or gift cards. REMEMBER this is FREE Marketing!  

Share User Generated Content

Share Users Generated content is a great way to reward your customers for supporting your brand as well as show potential customers what real people see. It’s also a great way to build relationships with followers and get FREE content to use on your social sites.  When using user-generated content, please remember to tag them in the photo and give proper photo credit.

As a rule of thumb, there isn’t a trick to social media. The trick is to be authentic and let your brand show through.

Don't forget to be social