La Social Karma has an exciting announcement to make! We have recently unveiled a new partnership that allows our clients to leave us reviews and star ratings.

Clutch is the premiere ratings and reviews company for businesses, and we are so excited that we now are featured on their site.

Our profile highlights all the top aspects of our company, from our clients, our case studies, reviews, and contact information. They have consolidated anything and everything you could need as a potential social media marketing customer and have delivered it in one helpful space.

When talking to our customers, Clutch takes a unique approach, and we are thrilled with the results thus far. Our clients are quoted as saying, “In addition to providing strategic recommendations, they created an effective social media marketing plan.” Social Media is what we do, and we do it well.



Because our clients are so happy with our work, that has pushed us to top of the Los Angeles Social Media directory! We could not be happier with the positive “karma” our business is attracting. We are looking forward to the more collaboration in the future, including more pleased clients and successful media engagements, as well as more rave ratings and reviews. For more information on our business, profile, and reviews, visit